qBraid Announces qBraid SDK Integrated with Amazon Braket on qBraid Lab

qBraid provides agnostic connections to quantum computers and simulators thanks to Amazon Braket

Chicago, IL – [Channel] – June 29, 2022 – qBraid, a provider of a cloud-based Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for quantum computing, is excited to release a Software Development Kit (SDK) in its Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform “qBraid Lab” hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The qBraid SDK provides three main features to make quantum computing development easier. The first feature allows for “write-once-and-submit” functionality where tasks for a quantum computer written in the form of circuits can be sent to multiple quantum computers regardless of hardware architecture or cloud service provider. The second feature is a circuit transpiler with 40+ frontend circuit permutations among Amazon Braket SDK, as well as other services. The third feature manages all the quantum tasks sent to various providers for the user to retrieve results.


Many users have urged for a circuit transpiler from Qiskit to Amazon Braket, due to the broad selection of quantum devices available on AWS. Without the qBraid SDK, a user who would like

to run a Qiskit circuit on quantum hardware hosted on AWS, would have to rewrite the circuit

using the Amazon Braket SDK. Furthermore, an efficient way of switching circuits among multiple quantum computing frameworks does not exist without a firm understanding of OpenQASM. qBraid found that quantum computing developers suffer from the lack of such a “write once” functionality among quantum programming SDKs, which is a much-needed service for quantum computing users.


The qBraid SDK unlocks promising capabilities to combine different quantum computing frameworks, such as Amazon Braket, IBM Qiskit, Google Cirq, Xanadu Pennylane, Rigetti Pyquil, etc. For example, a user can apply circuit templates from PennyLane, then transpile to Qiskit to add a quantum financial optimization routine, and finally submit the circuit to Amazon Braket for execution. Along with the transpilation functionality, a “write once and submit” functionality by qBraid SDK can send quantum tasks to more than 20 quantum computers and simulators across major quantum computing providers. Out of the 20 quantum computers and simulators available on the qBraid SDK, Amazon Braket, as a fully managed AWS service, plays a large role in connecting quantum devices such as those provided by IonQ, Rigetti, D-Wave, Xanadu, and Oxford Quantum Circuits as well as simulators (SV1/TN1/DM1/Braket_SV/Braket_DM). Moreover, qBraid Lab’s “single command line” feature helps users reduce time, expense, and errors in setting up cloud environments, including storage, access policies, and security. These features enable a simple and efficient way to help users in quantum algorithm development and deployment.


Beta users at QCHack and NYUAD’s Hackathon for Social Good were thrilled by the SDK’s performance. At QCHack, first place team QuantumCrew contributed noteworthy solutions to an optimization problem to find patterns in a given graph. By converting the Qiskit circuits to Amazon Braket using the qBraid SDK, they were able to demonstrate simple benchmarking results on Amazon Braket backends and other simulators. QuantumCrew’s results on the Braket SV1 simulator, the 11 qubit IonQ device, the Rigetti Aspen M-1 and Qiskit simulator exhibited comparable results across the board. Such a feat in under 24 hours would have been incredibly difficult without the SDK transpiling the Qiskit circuit to an Amazon Braket solution and cutting 50% of their development time. 


Prof. Sana Odeh, Founder and Chair of the NYUAD Hackathon, praises “qBraid Lab is an extraordinary quantum computing development and deployment platform, and it shows incredible robustness with little to no downtime for our 120 users during the relentless 48-hour NYUAD hackathon event. The seamless integration of qBraid SDK and Amazon Braket is the key for smooth and successful operations during the hackathon. We’re looking forward to having qBraid support more quantum events with new features to help grow the quantum computing talent pool.” 


qBraid Chief Technology Officer Ryan Hill mentions, “Amazon Braket provides access to six quantum devices and three simulators which greatly increases the availability of quantum computers on qBraid. Having devices available on a pay-as-you-use model managed by qBraid Lab is a great boon especially given the diversity in hardware architecture. With quantum annealers, trapped ion, super conducting, and soon neutral atom qubits made available thanks to Amazon Braket, we’re excited for our users to develop innovative solutions using the qBraid SDK.” 


Richard Moulds, Amazon Braket General Manager at AWS, says “We’re excited about the qBraid SDK release, particularly its transpiling functionality which allows different quantum circuits to execute over a portfolio of quantum devices on AWS. In addition, qBraid SDK with its automated setup of AWS services and resources, presents a friendly and efficient way for first time users onboarding with quantum computing. Together, both features help to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing and innovation. We look forward to working with qBraid to introduce new features to the global quantum computing community, such as amazon Braket Hybrid Jobs that make it easy to integrate quantum and classical processors to experiment with a wider range of quantum algorithms.”



Interested in trying the qBraid SDK? Check out the documentation here, and the demo repo!

Sign up to receive exclusive access to the SDK with credits by emailing contact@qbraid.com .



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qBraid is the cloud platform for quantum software development. With proven usage at the world’s top hackathons at QuantX, MIT, Stanford x Yale, and NYUAD, qBraid’s users can easily get started on quantum computing and then can dive deep into complex algorithms related to financial optimization, quantum machine learning and more – all in one platform. qBraid is on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


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