qBraid & QuEra are proud to announce access to Aquila on Amazon Braket via the qBraid platform

qBraid’s quantum computing platform adds access to 256 qubit neutral atom quantum computer, Aquila by QuEra.

qBraid, a quantum computing software development platform aiming to provide the easiest access to quantum computers, is incredibly excited to provide general access to Aquila on Amazon Braket via the qBraid platform. Accessing the 256 qubit neutral atom quantum computer on qBraid is possible with a single command line on qBraid Lab (a cloud based jupyter IDE). 

QuEra’s neutral atom quantum computer, Aquila, is a type of quantum computer that uses Rubidium atoms as qubits. When a Rubidium atom is excited by lasers, the atom enters the Rydberg state which has a large principal quantum number, meaning that the electron is far away from the nucleus, and has correspondingly high energies. The energy levels and spectra of Rydberg atoms are different from those of “ground state” atoms and are particularly sensitive to external electromagnetic fields and the presence of other atoms. This sensitivity makes Rydberg atoms useful for conducting calculations as they interact with other Rydberg atoms at a distance allowing for multi-qubit interactions and entanglement. Not only do these interactions have long coherence times, but a key advantage of Aquila is its ability to dynamically configure the atoms during calculations enabling an efficient memory bus service and an all-to-all connectivity at scale. QuEra Chief Executive Officer Alex Keesling mentions, “getting quantum computing resources in the hands of users far and wide is one of our main aspirations. Working with qBraid now enables an exciting new pipeline, and a simple and functional one, that users can use to deploy the most innovative solutions with some of the largest and most unique quantum computing resources in the world!”

qBraid is excited to have a neutral atom quantum computer available for general use on its platform. With the addition of Aquila, qBraid introduces a new quantum computer architecture to its lineup of frameworks and devices. Users can now purchase credits on qBraid to work in their personal qBraid Lab and begin writing Amazon Braket code for the Aquila computer. qBraid’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Kanav Setia mentions, “it’s exciting to see a neutral atom quantum computer on qBraid. With the help of QuEra and Amazon Braket, we’re looking forward to understanding the characteristics of the Aquila neutral atom quantum computer and have our users test it out for themselves.”

How can I get started on qBraid?

With qBraid you can start by registering on our cloud platform https://account.qbraid.com/ for free, and use the Amazon Braket environment to submit jobs to QuEra’s Aquila. Credits can be purchased on qBraid. There are several tutorials in your virtual lab that can help you connect your scripts to Aquila and experiment with this amazing neutral atom quantum computer. QuEra’s support of its new architecture on our platform makes us proud to share with you another way for you to experiment with your ideas to contribute to the quantum computing community.

About QuEra

QuEra Computing Inc., is a Boston-based quantum computing company, and the first and so far only company to provide public access to neutral-atom quantum computers. Aquila, its first-generation device is available on the Amazon Braket service since 2022. This service is now accessible via the qBraid platform. Aquila operates 256 qubits, in an exclusive application-oriented analog mode of operation particularly suitable for NISQ-era solutions, as it is optimized for large-scale coherence and simplified controls that mitigate noise. QuEra has developed hardware-efficient applications, including quantum optimization, simulation, and machine learning problem. https://www.quera.com/


About qBraid

qBraid is a Chicago based startup providing one command line access and automated python package installations for various quantum computing applications. Founded in 2020, qBraid was developed to address the technological challenges presented by the existing quantum computing process and consolidate all elements within one single-point access platform. For more information, visit https://qbraid.com/


qBraid is on YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter.


For more information on qBraid visit: https://www.qbraid.com/       

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