The hackathon will span two weeks from (Oct 21st ~ Nov 5th) and consist of one main challenge!


Virtually on Zoom & Discord, once registered everything will be a click away on https://account.qbraid.com/haqs



The main HAQS challenge will ask participants to explore NISQ solutions to supervised machine learning classification problems. Namely, they will construct a quantum variational classifier and/or quantum kernel estimator, and use quantum hardware to train their model and achieve the highest accuracy possible on the given task.

Top teams who run on quantum hardware will have their results posted on a leaderboard where the winner’s contribution will be merged into an open source project (TBA).

If you’re a software developer and are interested in AI/ML and want to dip into QML this is a perfect opportunity to learn and implement the latest algorithms and access quantum computers and simulators. qBraid provides one command line access and automated python package installations for various quantum computing applications. Get exclusive access at HAQS!


In this challenge you will use the qBraid SDK to create the most compelling and creative solution.
QOSF Challenge:
Those who solve the challenges are eligible for their challenges to be evaluated by mentors in QOSF mentorship cohort 7th next year! 


Your teammates of 2 ~ 6 will hack on qBraid Lab! 



$3,000 worth in Prizes!


Hackathon GrandSlam:
Start your journey to complete the QC Hackathon Grand Slam!
qBraid HAQS -> MIT iQuHack -> NYUAD Abu Dhabi
We are SO excited to announce that one of the prizes to HAQS will be to participate at MIT iQuHack in person* or virtually! If you win MIT iQuHack one of the prizes will be to attend NYUAD’s Quantum Computing for Social Good hackathon in Abu Dhabi! Complete the trifecta!

qBraid Credits:

Earn 100,000 qBraid credits to continue your project / research!

qBraid SWAG pack will be distributed to top participants

Amazon Gift cards will be distributed to top participants


Pennylane swag pack will be distributed to top participants who use Pennylane

QOSF Mentorship:

Compelling QOSF challenge solutions may be considered for QOSF mentorship.

* in-person participation is dependent on an individual’s location and flight availability.


All participants who open a PR and have ran a circuit on a non-local Amazon Braket provided quantum computer or simulator will be eligible for a free qBraid T-shirt.

Create an account and click on the HAQS tab


uniquely curated for HAQS Participants

Barbara Wellman

Lead Quantum.Link - Your Connection to Quantum Business | Deloitte Consulting Germany - The Garage

Bennett Brown

Director of Business Planning and Development

Carleton Coffrin

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Full time scientist in the Advanced Network Science Initiative with a focus on optimization methods for critical infrastructure networks.

Christian Metzl

Managing Business / Enterprise Architect (Insights & Data)

Davide Venturelli

USRA/ NASA Ames Research Center
Associate Director, Quantum Computing

Elvira Shishenina

Quantum Computing lead

Jordan Sullivan

Tech Evangelist at Amazon Braket

Julian van Velzen

CTIO & Head of Capgemini's Quantum Lab

Junyu Liu

qBraid Research Scientist and UChicago / IBM Quantum Computing Postdoctoral Scholar

Kanav Setia

Dartmouth PhD Quantum Chemistry CEO & Founder

Loïc Henriet

Chief Technology Officer

Michael Brett

Worldwide Business Development and Go-To-Market Strategy for Quantum Computing at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Pranav Gokhale

VP of Quantum Software at ColdQuanta

Rajiv Krishnakumar

Goldman Sachs
Executive Director in the R&D Engineering Team

Russell Ceballos

QuSTEAM / Chicago Quantum Exchange
Quantum Education Program Administrator at Chicago Quantum Exchange

Will Oliver

Henry Ellis Warren (1894) Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science & Professor of Physics at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Customer Support

There’s no charge to attend HAQS. Just bring your enthusiasm and a couple of Red Bulls 😀


HAQS will take place virtually from Oct 21-Nov 5, 2022. All participants will receive zoom links for the kick off, workshops, and judging.

To register for HAQS, create a qbraid account and visit the HAQS tab or https://account.qbraid.com/haqs

If you need further assistance feel free to contact us:

Of course! HAQS is open for all individuals on their quantum journey.

We are working to create challenges for which you can complete in ~30 hours. You are welcome to spend more time to make you submission much more competitive.


You will have access to quantum computers from Rigetti, IonQ, DWave, and Oxford Quantum Computing. You will receive more details on the exact machines being made available, soon.

Our goal is to provide you with a crash-course for all the challenges through the workshops. So, with minimal prerequisites, you will be able to take part in HAQS and submit a competitive entry. We will work to organize a workshop for each of the challenges where we will explain the challenge and provide you initial directions to attack the problem.

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