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qBraid Learn is our scalable solution to streamline the learning process. Our course is officially endorsed by the White House Q12 Initiative.

Build QML, QChem, and QFO

Write and transpile between quantum algorithms in languages that you love such as qiskit, cirq, pennylane, pyquil and braket.


Get your quantum R&D team programming from the moment they log in. Your account comes with tutorials for QML, QFO, QChem etc pre-installed.

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Everything you need to develop quantum software.

No more setup.

Accessing quantum computers is as easy as one command line argument. No need to setup cloud services.

Start programming from the moment you log in.

qBraid’s curated environments are designed so that our users spend less time installing and debugging their environments.

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qBraid Explores How Quantum Computing May Address Aerospace’s Most Computationally Intensive Problems

qBraid and Blueqat work together using NVIDIA cuQuantum to benchmark quantum chemistry algorithms.

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We make it easy to stay connected with the latest in quantum computing community

Write kernal-powered blogs to share your projects and opinions about quantum computing.

Get the latest hardware updates and industry progress in QC.

qBraid has sponsored the biggest quantum hackathons by MIT, Stanford x Yale, and NYUAD. Check out what's on the schedule.

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